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Ten Factors That Will Change The Face Of Sports Sponsorship

July 2, 2018

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Seven Tips To Improve The Value Of Your Sponsorship Event Surveys

February 27, 2018

Two factors are increasing the importance of using guest surveys to assess sponsorship events. First, with the increase in activation costs and the proliferation of sponsorship opportunities, Sponsors are becoming more focused on where they invest their money and why. At the same time, event guests are raising the bar, expecting more exceptional and personalized event experiences. Event surveys can help with both. Here are seven tips on how you can improve the value of your sponsorship event surveys.


Design for Analysis. While having an attractive survey that uses your company branding is valuable, the most important step in creating your survey is to structure your survey questions to support the data analysis you want to have. Four points are important here:


Understand how you expect to use your responses to each question. Providing a mix of response types may make your surveys seem interesting, but it can make comparative analysis a nightmare. If you want free text answers, for example, recognize the limitations this will pose when comparing multiple events.


Use consistent ranges for response selections. Consistent response ranges (such as 1-5 or 1-10) make comparisons across questions and events far easier. Obviously, be sure your participants can easily tell which end of the range is best.


Convert word responses to numeric responses behind the scenes. If you want your survey participants to select from words (such as ‘High” or “Great Experience”) rather than numbers, be sure the survey tools can convert the words to numbers when reporting the results to make analysis and comparisons possible.


Use the same questions across any events that need to be compared. Consistency is essential to comparisons. If you want to compare the results across multiple events (and you should), the questions used should use the same wording and response choices. Even small changes in question wording can affect results and, thus, the validity of your comparisons.


Compare Results across Multiple Events. Using surveys to analyze single events is helpful. But to achieve continuous improvement and decide which sports, properties and events deserve continued or altered investment, comparisons across multiple events is crucial. Depending on the structure of your survey questions, you may want to compare the year-over-year results from the same event, individual results from an entire season of motorsport races, results from the events with one property versus another, or events with one sport with events from another sport. Even if you use some different questions across different sports, you can compare the results of key questions that remain the same.


Make Survey Data Part of Your Property Analytics. Survey results should be only part of the overall analytics that you use to optimize your sponsorship investments. Be sure you save them as part of your event and property files where they can be used for broader analysis of your partnership relationships. Even if you use standalone survey tools, don’t leave the data there. Get it where it can drive real value.


Use Response Filtering to Gain More Insight. Depending on the detail that your survey tool uses, your results can offer different levels of granularity. Take advantage of drill down options to gain more detailed insight into your responses. One way of doing that is to filter your responses by how participants answered a given question (for example, filtering results of all questions to show only responses from those who graded the overall event as “Poor”). Another way is to filter by respondent, if that option is supported.


Apply Your Results. Whether you are working to improve specific weak spots or overall guest satisfaction, test new event activities or better allocate your event or property investments, respond to your survey results and comparisons. Collecting the data and letting it gather digital dust is a waste of resources. If your team is reluctant to take action based on the results, work to improve your survey questions and comparisons and the integrity and value of your data.


Say Thanks with a Link to Some Memories. Different sponsors have different ways of saying “Thanks” to their survey participants. When a participant hits “Submit”, consider automatically sending the person to a special webpage that includes a photo collage from the event or that offers a coupon of some kind.


Manage Your Surveys as Part of Your Overall Sponsorship Management Solution. Standalone survey tools are everywhere. Most of them focus on what they do well, which is send surveys and collect results. Whether it’s managing sponsorship surveys or the related events, assets, contracts and partners, standalone apps and spreadsheets create inefficiency, limit access to information, increase error and execution risk and make data aggregation and comparative analysis difficult. That’s why the industry is moving to cloud-based platforms to manage sponsorship relationships.


Sponsor Locker solves the problems of spreadsheets and standalone apps with an integrated, customizable platform built to manage sports and entertainment sponsorships anywhere, anytime and from any device. By integrating everything into a single database - while still allowing individual applications and features to be implemented and used separately if desired - Sponsor Locker helps sponsors see what they have and where they stand, improving collaboration, decision-making, activation and guest experiences across their entire sponsorship portfolio. Every week, leading sponsors and marketing agencies use Sponsor Locker to manage thousands of sponsorship assets, events and guests across a wide range of platforms and properties from motorsports to golf to college and professional sports. And, yes, Sponsor Locker includes an integrated survey feature specifically designed for assessing and optimizing sponsorship events.




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