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July 2, 2018

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Brands Using Online Ticket Requests for Daytona 500

February 12, 2018



With the 2018 NASCAR season kicking off this month, we thought we’d share how leading brands are using Sponsor Locker’s cloud-based online ticket request process for the Daytona 500 and a wide range of other events from golf tournaments to NFL games.


The front-end of the process is a custom ticket request website that the sponsor or its agency builds quickly and easily using the tools included in Sponsor Locker. This brandable ticket portal can be set up for access by some or all employees or by key customers or other sponsor business relationships who are told about the site. Entry to the site is controlled by multiple group access codes that determine the events and ticket types that different groups of requestors can view when using the site. For example, one group code might provide access to grandstand seats, while another code might provide access to suite seats. Codes can also be assigned regionally, allowing customers in the Southeast Region to request tickets to events in that region while enabling customers in the Northeast Region to request tickets to events there and allowing national-level customers to see a broader set of events. Together, these codes can leverage a single request portal across multiple events, ticket types, regions and classes of requestors.


Once on the site, requestors can select from tickets from a pull-down list of events, which can be categorized by sport or platform. After the requestor selects an event, the person selects an available ticket type customized to the event selected. Then the requestor enters the number of tickets.


Once these selections are made, the requestor completes an online form that collects contact and shipping information as well as other data the brand wants to have to reach a decision on the request. The online forms used for this step can be customized to meet the sponsor’s business needs. If different information is needed for some requestor categories, separate forms can be created and presented based on the group access code entered by the requestor or based on the sport or platform. Automated customizable emails acknowledge receipt of each request.


As requests are submitted, they are logged and managed in the event management application of Sponsor Locker. The system allows for preliminary approvals (if desired) as well as final approvals. Request dashboards and individual requests can be viewed by authorized brand and agency personnel. If needed, access can be limited by region or line of business—for example, allowing regional managers to see and preliminarily approve only the requests relating to events in their region. When final decisions are made, the system sends automated, customizable emails to the requestor, advising of the decision.


Ticket requests can be submitted and approved with or without a guest list. Some brands use this feature to require a business case submission as part of the initial ticket request. After the business justification has been reviewed and the request approved, the requestor receives a system-generated email asking for the guest list. (This request can be triggered manually or based o a selected number of days prior to the event.) Options exist to require named guests for all tickets or to allow bulk-added guest placeholders for grandstand seats or general admission where guest names are not collected or tracked. Separate approval of individual guests is also available, allowing final approval of all guests. Some sponsors prefer this approach when the guest list is completed some time after the ticket request has been approved.


As valuable as the ticket request portal is in collecting, managing and approving requests, the real power of this system appears as credentials are assigned and guests are managed throughout the entire life cycle of the event. The magic is in the seamless integration between the ticket request process and the guest management tools included in Sponsor Locker.


Depending on the level of guest management that the sponsor wants to use, the sponsor or its agency can use Sponsor Locker to quickly assign guests to individual event activities and send brandable and customizable welcome and other messages before, during and after the event. They can send online itineraries to each guest, customized by group or individual guest. They can use best-practices workflows to scan and assign tickets or other credentials to guests by requestor group, making it easy to get the right tickets in the right envelopes for distribution, reducing staff time and error risk.


As guests arrive for the event or for individual event activities, sponsor or agency staff can check them in online or offline using Sponsor Locker’s integrated iPad Check-in App. For larger events, multiple iPads can be deployed across the venue. For smaller gatherings, the iPads can be placed into kiosk mode to offer self-check-in. The App can even collect guest signatures on waivers if required.


After the event, event managers can use Sponsor Locker to create, send and manage custom surveys and analyze survey results across individual and multiple events. They can also quickly create attendance reports by event day, with breakout detail by line of business and attendee category.


When we ask our clients why they like Sponsor Locker’s approach to online ticket requests, here are a few of their answers:

  • Clearly built to manage ticket requests for sports and entertainment sponsorship events

  • Makes a great impression on sponsor executives and guests

  • Supports real-world workflows, while still allowing customization options

  • Reduces the risk of errors

  • Very robust, yet still intuitive and easy to use

  • We’ll never go back to spreadsheets, emails and scraps of notepaper











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