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3361 Rouse Road, Suite 135, Orlando, FL 32817, USA 

We understand the importance of data security.

We are always glad to talk about data security and, in particular, how our cloud-based security meets your enterprise requirements and substantially improves the security typically available with the management of alternatives like spreadsheets, emails and one-off apps.  If you or your team have questions or would like to learn more, please contact us.
Although we use many other security tools, the following list summarizes some of the controls that our Sponsor Locker subscribers appreciate while using our sponsorship management software:
Cloud-Based Hosting Infrastructure. Sponsor Locker is hosted on cloud-based servers located in data centers managed by Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.
Controlled Data Flows. Your data flows directly between your users’ devices and the Sponsor Locker cloud-based servers.
Data Encrypted in Transit. Your data is encrypted in transit when moving between you users’ devices and the Sponsor Locker cloud-based servers.
Data Encrypted at Rest. Your data is encrypted when at rest in the Sponsor Locker cloud-based servers.
Geo-Redundant Backup. Data on Sponsor Locker’s cloud-based servers is automatically backed up and stored at geo-redundant backup data centers.
IP Fencing. At your option, you can limit access to your Sponsor Locker platform to specific IP addresses designated by you.
Two-Factor Authentication. At your option, you can require your Sponsor Locker users to use two-factor authentication using access codes generated by Google Authenticator.
Rule- and Role-Based Permissions. You can choose from a number of access privileges to customize the data your different users can read and write. 
Share Controls. Sponsors can decide whether to share Sponsor Locker data with one or more of their marketing agencies, block certain data from that sharing and even limit individual agency access to a specific platform, property or event.
Support Access Restrictions. Our Support access to your production data in Sponsor Locker is restricted to Sponsor Locker Admin-level support personnel who login with two-factor authentication and have a support access code from you granting limited access for a specified period with no right to download, print or export data.