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Sponsorship Proposal Management

Track, rate, rank and manage sponsorship proposals.
sponsorship proposals
sponsorship reservations
sponsorship proposals


Tracking and responding to unsolicited sponsorship proposals can be painful for sponsors and requestors.

Sponsor Locker's proposal management application saves time and money by automating the entire process.

See what you can do

  • Design a website where internal and external parties can submit proposals
  • Use a free-standing site or include a link in your corporate site
  • Create and control form fields to assure relevant information is submitted
  • Allow electronic submission of completed proposals
Create Custom Proposal Website
sponsorship proposals
  • Receive, organize and archive proposal submissions 
  • View, filter and sort proposals
  • Rate and rank proposals using custom fields
  • Add evaluation notes and attachments
  • Accept and deny proposals electronically
View & Manage Submitted Proposals
sponsorship proposals
  • Use auto-generated email responses
  • Acknowledge receipt of proposals
  • Notify submitters of proposal decisions
  • Customize messaging to meet your needs
Communicate with Submitters
sponsorship proposals