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Sponsor Locker drives value for brands of all sizes,
from the Fortune 100 to smaller regional firms.


Every week, leading sponsors and marketing agencies use Sponsor Locker to manage and activate thousands of sponsorship assets, events and guests across a wide range of platforms and properties from motorsports to golf to college and professional sports.  See a list of some of the events that have been managed by brands and agencies using Sponsor Locker.
We work with sponsors in diverse industries, including automotive, banking, consumer services, insurance, oil and gas, and technology, among others. Our agency users range from large global marketing organizations to small boutique firms specializing in sports and entertainment sponsorships.
Sponsor Locker adds value at every level of an organization, from the on-site teams checking in users at an event, to the teams managing asset activation, to the executives driving partnership strategy, assessing and negotiating sponsorship proposals and analyzing ROI.  
Explore some of our use cases below.  

See how Sponsor Locker is creating value today.

Leading brands and agencies use Sponsor Locker to optimize the guest experience for thousands of attendees across a broad spectrum of world-class events. 
Take a look at a sample of some of the sports sponsorship events where Sponsor Locker has been used in 2017.
A Fortune 100 firm with major sponsorship investments in golf, motorsports and the NFL wanted to streamline how its associates request tickets for those sponsorship events. As the sponsor allocated tickets based on the submission of a business plan justifying the proposed use of the tickets, it needed a system that would meet its multi-step workflow requirements for the review and approval of the business plans and related ticket requests. The sponsor also wanted the approved guests to be managed as part of their event management process. The new system would replace a burdensome legacy process that relied heavily on PDFs, emails and spreadsheets.
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