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3361 Rouse Road, Suite 135, Orlando, FL 32817, USA 

We pride ourselves on always being here for you.

We offer only one level of support. We believe every subscriber and every user deserves the best support we can provide, at no additional charge.  No matter what size sponsorship portfolio you are managing and activating, you get the best support we can provide all day, every day.


Your Sponsor Locker subscription provides more than just access to our industry-leading software. Your subscription includes complimentary setup, online training (initial and ongoing), US-based 24/7 support, continuous enhancements and our unique SaaS+ service. With SaaS+, you’ll have continuing access to our team of interdisciplinary experts to help you customize and apply Sponsor Locker to meet your specific business needs, not just initially but throughout your subscription. Our SaaS+ team brings expertise in application engineering, customer support, industry best practices and business consulting—all as part of your subscription price.
You see, we don’t just provide software. We provide a solution. And we work with you to be sure Sponsor Locker is bringing the value you expect.  If you are ever unhappy with the value Sponsor Locker is delivering to you, you can cancel your subscription on 60 days’ notice to us.