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sponsorship contract management
sponsorship contract management
sponsorship contract management

Contract and Asset Management

You can't manage what you can't see.
Know what you have and where you stand.
Manage Contracts
  • Organize and access sponsorship contracts​​


  • Set renewal and opt out reminders

  • Compare contracts by factors such as annual cost, term dates, opt-outs and exclusivity


  • Build custom, multi-factor scorecards to measure and compare sponsorships
sponsorship contract management
Manage Assets
  • Add, organize and manage sponsorship assets by platform and property

  • Capture asset descriptions, photos, videos, creative specs, notes and values​​


  • View results by simple view, table view, map view, photo gallery or scorecard view​​


  • Create, save, export and print customized asset reports
sponsorship asset management
Confirm Fulfillments
  • Capture photos of asset fulfillments and activations using your mobile device
  • View and share real-time asset fulfillment and activation
  • Download photos to use in year-end recaps and presentations
sponsorship asset management
Create and Approve Tasks
  • Create, assign and prioritize tasks and approval requests


  • Add task reminder dates


  • View the status of all of your asset activation tasks all in one place on your user dashboard


  • Quickly identify overdue items

sponsorship task management
  • Capture contract, platform, property, asset and event valuations and ratings
  • Build multi-factor scorecards and charts to measure and compare your sponsorship contracts
  • Switch to “What If” mode to view and measure hypothetical sponsorship scenarios
sponsorship analytics

Managing and activating sponsorship contracts and assets is all about knowing where to invest and getting what you pay for.

Sponsor Locker's contract and asset management application helps you track, measure and optimize your portfolio mix and your asset activations.

See what you can do

Report On Portfolio Status
  • Generate a wide-range of contract and asset reports that update instantly as the relative asset portfolio grows
  • Send reports to other Sponsor Locker users or download them as .pdf documents
  • Establish "reports-only" users, enabling them to only their shared reports
sponsorship analytics
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