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3361 Rouse Road, Suite 135, Orlando, FL 32817, USA 

Sponsor Locker

Sponsor Locker is a cloud-based management platform that enables brands and their marketing agencies to optimize the value of their sports and entertainment sponsorships. By integrating everything into a single database - while still allowing individual applications and features to be implemented and used separately if desired - Sponsor Locker helps sponsors see what they have and where they stand, improving collaboration, decision-making, activation and guest experiences across their entire sponsorship portfolio. Every week, leading sponsors and marketing agencies use Sponsor Locker to manage thousands of sponsorship assets, events and guests across a wide range of platforms and properties from motorsports to golf to college and professional sports.

Playoff Technologies

Sponsor Locker is the flagship product of Playoff Technologies LLC, an Orlando-based technology development firm that delivers innovative marketing solutions to the sports and entertainment industries.

Created by professionals with decades of experience in sports, business, marketing and technology, Playoff Technologies’ products and services enable sponsors, agencies, properties and other rights holders to drive increased revenues, improve efficiencies and increase brand loyalty and engagement.

Our Values

Sponsor Locker is powered by Playoff Technologies.

Ethics and Integrity. We believe there is a right way and a wrong way to conduct business and treat others. We strive to choose the right way every time.
Mutual Respect. We respect the contributions and ideas each of us brings to our work together. We encourage diversity in our workforce and value our personal and cultural differences.
Objectivity. We believe in the power of objectivity. We want the best idea to win, regardless of who suggested it.
Trust. We earn trust by ensuring our actions match our words, by sharing success when things go well, by being accountable when things go poorly, and by being there when we can help, even if no one has asked.
Communication. We place a high priority on clarity and candor, even when the message is difficult to give or receive. We place an equal priority on listening, because effective communication is a two-way street.
Teamwork. We emphasize teamwork because it leverages our diverse talents and gives us a competitive edge. Teamwork is not an option. It is the air we breathe.
Innovation. We value learning and innovation. We strive for continuous improvement as well as breakthroughs, for both help our customers, our people and our company be the best they can be.
Excellence. We are dedicated to excellence in everything we do.
Customer Focus. We are committed to make our customers successful. Responding to our customers’ requests is not enough. We must appreciate their needs in advance to create the solutions they require.
Balance. We set aggressive goals and work hard to achieve them. But we also do our best to seek a balance that meets our personal needs and aspirations.