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Efficient management of sports sponsorship proposals

A large insurance company had a process that enabled outside organizations to submit sponsorship opportunities for review and consideration. Interested entities could visit a company webpage, download a PDF, complete a form and submit it to an email address. The insurance company’s sports marketing agency would receive hundreds of submissions, review them one at a time and provide recommendations back to its client. This method took valuable time away from the agency’s other responsibilities and hindered both parties’ ability to paint a clear picture of all proposed opportunities.
Meeting with the insurance company and its agency, Playoff Technologies developed Proposal Management, a cloud-based tool that enables clients to build and manage a custom external proposal request website from within Sponsor Locker. With Proposal Management, outside organizations can use the external website to complete and submit online sponsorship proposal forms. Upon submission, all proposal requests instantly appear within Sponsor Locker where the sponsor and its agency can quickly sort, review, rank and respond to each proposal. A calendar function shows the date and approval status of each event included in a proposal. Customizable messages provide notifications of key decisions.
Proposal Management provides a comprehensive and innovative proposal request solution. The cloud-based tool delivers multiple benefits, including a superior user experience for those submitting or reviewing proposals, centralized tracking of proposals received, faster and better-documented decisions, and automated messaging of decisions made.  It also allows internal users to submit their own proposals regarding new partnerships they think they should be considered, assuring all opportunities are reviewed in one place where sound decisions can be made.
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