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Real-time agendas and notifications for event attendees

A leading sponsorship and lifestyle marketing partner to brands activating some of the biggest sports and entertainment properties wanted to provide customized event agendas to guests at a client’s motorsports events, with real-time updates as changes occurred. Looking to replace static agendas that had to be customized, updated and re-sent to attendees, the agency turned to Sponsor Locker. 
With Sponsor Locker’s industry best practices enhanced with customized work flows suggested by the agency team, the agency can now quickly build unique guest agendas, send them to attendees’ mobile devices and update and communicate schedule changes on-the-fly. These tools also provide the ability to easily generate and send event welcome messages, updates and notifications to attendees’ mobile devices before, during and after each event. 
Sponsor Locker gives the sports marketing agency a highly-flexible cloud-based event management system focused on delivering world-class event experiences to its clients’ executives and customers. Proven at some of the most iconic motorsports events in the U.S., such as the Daytona 500, Sponsor Locker’s event management tools help position this agency as a technology leader in sponsorship marketing.
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