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Online Ticket Requests for Major Sports Sponsorship Events

A Fortune 100 firm with major sponsorship investments in golf, motorsports and the NFL wanted to streamline how its associates request tickets for those sponsorship events. As the sponsor allocated tickets based on the submission of a business plan justifying the proposed use of the tickets, it needed a system that would meet its multi-step workflow requirements for the review and approval of the business plans and related ticket requests. The sponsor also wanted the approved guests to be managed as part of their event management process. The new system would replace a burdensome legacy process that relied heavily on PDFs, emails and spreadsheets.
Working with the sponsor and its agency and building on industry best practices, Playoff Technologies created a new online ticket request feature within Sponsor Locker’s Event and Ticket Management application. This functionality enables sponsors, their associates and others to access a custom website to see available events and tickets and submit electronic ticket requests that can be reviewed and approved by management and their agency. Depending on the types of seats involved, Sponsor Locker can request guest lists for approved requests, allow approval of individual guests and import the guests into Sponsor Locker’s Event and Ticket Management application. Guest lists can also be required as part of the initial ticket request. Once the approved guests have been added to the applicable event, Sponsor Locker helps manage the entire guest experience, from adding credential IDs for tickets to managing shipping addresses and sending confirms and welcome messages to guests. The sponsor can even send RSVP requests for specific activities and follow up with post-event survey requests.
Sponsor Locker’s online ticket request feature delivers an enhanced user experience for associates and others requesting tickets, improves the review and approval process and easily imports approved guests into Sponsor Locker’s robust Event and Ticket Management application. By integrating the ticket request and guest management tools in a single cloud-based system, the feature also increases workflow efficiency and reduces execution risk. Leveraging the flexibility built into Sponsor Locker, the online ticket request feature includes options that enable the ticket request website, request forms, workflows and guest messaging to be customized to meet the sponsor’s needs.
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