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Sponsors using new guest management tools at 2017 PGA golf events

Golf events pose particular management challenges because of the multi-day structure and the number of guests that may be invited across the entire event. From ticket requests and approvals to guest itineraries and communications to post-event reports, it takes more than emails and spreadsheets to create exceptional guest experiences that drive strong customer relationships.
Working with multiple golf sponsors, Sponsor Locker developed an integrated suite of new event management features to make it easier for sponsors and their marketing agencies to manage multi-day golf events. 
With the new Sponsor Locker event management tools, sponsors can deliver a new level of convenience and personal service to the guests at their golf events. Consider the following examples:
Ticket requests. Key customers and employees request tickets at a custom website, with different ticket types and event days being offered to different guest access codes. Requests are linked to an online system where they can be reviewed and approved. Guests are imported into an integrated event management system where activities are assigned and tickets are scanned, allocated and shipped.
Guest management tools. Guests are assigned to activities individually or by group or ticket type, enabling different levels of access and experiences for different groups of attendees.
Customized online event agendas for each guest. Every VIP guest receives a custom event agenda before the event, with notes about special dinners and other activities applicable to that guest. Agendas can include comments about dress expectations and photos of prior events.
Pre-event welcome messages. Guests receive welcome messages before the event with information about activities. Messages can include photos and welcome videos from sponsored players or other talent.
Great check-in experience. Guests enjoy a welcoming attended- or self-check-in experience with self-check-in options using an iPad App, all integrated with the guest management system. Substitute guests are recorded and welcomed. Guests receive schedule updates and personal messages at check-in. Guest contact information is confirmed or edited for use during and after the event. Hosts automatically receive notification of a guest’s arrival. Information from multiple check-in areas is synced across every check-in device.
RSVP requests. RSVP requests are used to confirm attendance at key activities such as player meetings, dinners or experiential contests.
Customized event agenda changes. As schedules change during the event, guests receive SMS or email updates, with updates going only to those who have checked in and may be affected by the change.
Post-event thank you messages. Guests receive thank you messages with photo galleries and video links after the tournament.
Post-event surveys. Guests receive post-event surveys that link responses into the integrated event management system, where they can be used as part of a multi-factor analysis of the tournament and compared across multiple events, properties and platforms.
Attendance reports. Custom charts and tables track ticket usage by business unit or guest category across single or multiple event days, making it easy to highlight no-shows and demonstrate compliance with customer/employee attendance ratios.
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