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Event management check-in app for your team

A leading sports marketing agency manages multiple NASCAR sponsorship events for one of its top motorsports clients. Its client wanted to leverage best-in-class technology to improve the check-in experience for its event guests. The sponsor also wanted to be able to view real-time attendee status reports and use check-in status to determine the notifications sent to guests during and after events.
Working with the agency, Playoff Technologies developed an iPad app that supports attended or unattended check-in by scanning event tickets, entering ticket numbers or entering attendee information such as first name, last name and email address. In self-check-in mode (in a suite, for example), the iPad can be set up in a stand where attendees can scan their own tickets or enter other requested information to check in. In attended mode, the event host can use the iPad to handle the check in for the guest. If the Internet connection at the venue is interrupted, the app temporarily switches to "offline" mode, enabling continued check ins. The app auto syncs with the Sponsor Locker cloud database and any other iPads being used for check-ins at the same event.
The Sponsor Locker check-in app enhanced the check-in experience for the agency’s client event attendees and hosts and created a great first impression with guests upon arrival. In addition to checking in guests, the app enabled the agency to provide a personal welcome message and schedule updates to guests at check-in. The ability for the sports marketing agency and its client to access and monitor a real-time list of guests also helped them improve communications with guests while onsite, assuring a top notch event experience.
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