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Online Show Car reservation and management tool   

A top-ten insurance company in the United States had an existing solution from an event management company to enable employees to request Show Cars for events across the nation. As a Sponsor Locker user, the insurance company wanted to integrate this reservation system into its Sponsor Locker database and add new technology features to streamline the review, approval and management process for these reservations.
In close collaboration with the insurance company, the Sponsor Locker team designed a customized Show Car request system that could be managed within Sponsor Locker. Referred to as Asset Reservations, this cloud-based add-on feature to Sponsor Locker allows company employees in the field to request Show Cars for events across the country and enables the sports marketing team at headquarters to review, approve and manage all requests.  A color-coded calendar, updated in real-time, shows the status of all requests and where each Show Car is scheduled to appear.
The Asset Reservations feature provides a superior user experience for employees making Show Car requests and managers overseeing the process. Show Car requests can be made and reviewed faster than with the previous solution. Plus, the Show Car requests can now be managed as part of the insurance company’s Sponsor Locker system, which provides the company with a complete cloud-based sponsorship management solution for its sports marketing contracts and events.
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