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Creating custom scorecards with multi-factor analytics

One of America’s top-five banks considers many factors when measuring the value they receive from their sports sponsorship investments. While gathering data from multiple sources is the norm, this bank did not have an effective way to aggregate different metrics into one place, view them in real-time and scorecard the results. They also wanted better tools to help them forecast the effects that possible changes in their existing portfolio could have on the value they receive from their overall sponsorship investment.
As the bank was already using Sponsor Locker for contract, asset and event management, the Sponsor Locker team worked closely with the bank and other clients to develop new multi-factor analytics and charting tools for Sponsor Locker. Using these features, the bank can create, track and chart multiple custom analytics fields that measure the valuation and other factors that are important to the bank, comparing the rankings that result from using different measurement factors in the analysis. By switching to “What-If” mode within Sponsor Locker, the bank can also make hypothetical changes to existing contracts, asset mixes and sponsored properties to assess the impact of these actions on the return available from the bank’s overall portfolio. 
Sponsor Locker’s cloud-based multi-factor analytics feature provides the bank a place to enter values, build custom scorecards and view real-time results for the bank’s entire sponsorship portfolio. With Sponsor Locker’s ability to produce analytics reports and comparative tables and charts, the bank can see trends more quickly and achieve faster time to insight, whether they are assessing ongoing performance of a single contract or proposal or the entire portfolio. Plus, Sponsor Locker allows the bank to enter data only once, using the same integrated database to track, manage, and analyze all of its sports sponsorship contracts, assets and events.
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