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Multi-Factor Sponsorship Analytics

Analyze the value of your sponsorships in one powerful database.
sponsorship analytics, measurement
sponsorship analytics, measurement
sponsorship analytics, measurement

Sponsors are demanding better quantitative data to support sponsorship investments and decisions.

Sponsor Locker's integrated database and multi-factor analytics tools provide a powerful, customizable framework to help you measure and assess the things that are important to your business.
sponsorship analytics, measurement
  • Create custom rating factors for platforms, properties, contracts, assets and events
  • Build your own multi-factor $corecards using internal and third-party information
  • Use the rating factors, formulas and charts important to your business
  • Create weighted averages and other formulas
Create Custom Scorecards
Customize Tables and Charts
  • Use custom tables and charts to compare alternatives and see trends faster
  • Configure data tables quickly and easily to view the information you want to see
  • Create charts from $corecard data tables with a few key clicks
sponsorship analytics, measurement
sponsorship analytics, measurement
  • Track assets by contract
  • View and compare values and cost by contract or for each asset
  • Use custom fields to create and analyze rating factors
  • Create charts to visualize trends and alternatives
Analyze & Compare Contract Relationships
  • Create hypothetical contracts and assets and compare them to your existing portfolio
  • See how alternative rating factors change existing sponsorship and asset mix rankings
  • Use for contract renewals and new proposals
Create "What-If" Sponsorship Scenarios
sponsorship analytics, measurement
Analyze Event Attendance
  • Generate attendance reports to discover who attended specific events
  • Create post-event reports with custom attendance analytics
  • Customize reports to view information such as attendee type or business unit
Evaluate Guest Satisfaction
  • Create and send custom mobile-friendly surveys to event guests
  • Analyze survey responses across single and multiple events
  • Integrate survey results with other Sponsor Locker data
Contract Graph