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Drive revenue and create competitive advantage for your Agency with Sponsor Locker.

Create competitive advantage for your agency.

The first agency executive we showed Sponsor Locker to a few years ago said, “Wow, this is going to be either the best thing or the worst thing I’ve seen in some time. For agencies who have Sponsor Locker, it will be a great competitive advantage. For those who don’t, it will hurt their ability to compete against those who have it.” We couldn’t agree more. The world is moving from spreadsheets to cloud-based solutions. Our agency users are beginning to include Sponsor Locker in their client presentations. Get it before your competitors do.
Improve your responsiveness and your advice.
Because Sponsor Locker captures your clients’ sponsorship information in a single real-time database, you’ll be able to deliver integrated insight and analysis that spreadsheets, emails and separate tools just can't provide. You’ll see the whole picture faster, while sophisticated search and filtering features let you drill down to analyze the details. You’ll also answer client questions faster, without digging for information or re-building spreadsheets. Plus, the custom reports you create for your clients will be updated automatically as database changes occur.
Demonstrate technology leadership to your clients.
Sponsor Locker capitalizes on business and technology trends toward collaboration, cloud-based data, 24-7 mobile access, better quantitative support for decisions, user customization and enterprise-level security. The result is a unique system that not only showcases industry best practices but can be easily tailored to the specific needs of your agency and your clients. With Sponsor Locker, you'll demonstrate your commitment to technology leadership. You’ll also showcase your competitive advantage in using market-leading tools that are transforming the way brands manage, activate, assess and optimize their sponsorship investments. 
Build your consulting business.
Sponsors are increasingly looking for more advice on strategy and analytics. Because Sponsor Locker can help you reduce the time required for repetitive tasks like data entry and spreadsheet preparation, you’ll have more hours to apply to consulting. Whether you use Sponsor Locker to create your own agency analytics tools or to help clients create their own, you’ll have an analytics framework that can build your analytics and strategy business across your entire client base. You can use Sponsor Locker’s multi-factor analytics to measure and rank sponsorship assets, partnerships and events. For clients who are more hands’ on, you can help them identify and apply the custom measurement factors most important to their business. In the process, you’ll deepen your client relationships and business opportunities.
Improve organization and workflow efficiency.
Sponsor Locker will save time and money for you and your clients. Enter data once but use it for multiple features and applications. You’ll also spend less time digging for information, re-building spreadsheets, updating reports, sending task reminders and keeping everyone on the same page. You’ll work more efficiently and have more time to focus on creating strategy and optimizing results.
Use Sponsor Locker to manage multiple clients.
Sponsor Locker is built to help agencies manage multiple clients. You can use your agency seats to manage as few or as many clients as you wish, with no increase in cost per agency user. You’ll control agency user permissions by client, platform, property or event. You can even manage multiple agency clients with only one login for each agency user. And the expertise your team builds in Sponsor Locker will help you market both your technology leadership and your consulting capabilities in helping clients set up, customize and use Sponsor Locker.
Deliver world-class event experiences.
As sponsors increasingly focus on experiential assets and the activation costs of their events, they expect their guests to have outstanding experiences. Sponsor Locker’s event and ticket management tools will help you deliver a new level of experience for every guest, with online ticket requests, custom itineraries and messaging, real-time updates, tablet check-ins and post-event surveys. With Sponsor Locker, you’ll increase guest and client satisfaction, improve execution and streamline your post-event reporting. You will wonder how you managed events without Sponsor Locker.
Reduce execution risk.
Whether you are managing contract renewals, asset activations or event guests, Sponsor Locker will help you reduce execution risk. You’ll see and manage everything in one integrated database, reducing the need to transfer information among spreadsheets and one-off apps. You’ll also be using customizable workflows designed with industry best practices focused on managing sports and entertainment sponsorships. It will be easier to collaborate with your clients about status, approvals, decision-making and reporting.
Get started quickly and easily.
Your time is valuable. Because Sponsor Locker is a cloud-based service, you simply log in and go. With our commitment to support, we’ll help you and your clients get started fast. And because we built Sponsor Locker with mobile-friendly responsive design, you can use your desktop, tablet or smartphone for most features. Modular application design lets you start by using the full system or by phasing in clients, applications and platforms as you go, adding as much or as little information as you like to build each client database over time.
Take advantage of SaaS+.
With Sponsor Locker, your subscription includes complimentary setup, online training (initial and ongoing), US-based 24/7 support, continuous enhancements and our unique [SaaS+] service. With SaaS+, you’ll have continuing access to our [team of interdisciplinary experts] to help you customize and apply Sponsor Locker to meet your specific business needs (and those of your clients), not just initially but throughout your subscription. Our SaaS+ team brings expertise in application engineering, customer support, industry best practices and business consulting—all as part of your subscription price. You see, we don’t just provide software. We provide a solution.
Earn a solid return on your investment.
Whether you pay the cost internally or pass it on to your clients, Sponsor Locker delivers remarkable value for agencies of every size.  Each subscription includes training, system access, support and standard enhancements.  There are no charges for new releases, no charges based on use and attractive packages for every need.  You can start with only a few users, add seats anytime and use your seats to manage as few or as many clients as you wish.  You'll save time and money, reduce execution risk, improve responsiveness, deliver faster, better advice to your clients, drive higher consulting revenue and demonstrate your commitment to technology and your clients.  If you are ever unhappy with the value Sponsor Locker is delivering to you, you can cancel your subscription on 60- days’ notice to us.