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Sponsorship Management Software

for Brands and Agencies

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If you are interested in acquiring or operating Sponsor Locker or the Sponsor Locker software code, please click Contact Us.

Organize all of your assets, contracts and events in one integrated platform

Maximize the value of your sponsorship investment

Spreadsheets, emails and one-off apps create inefficiency, limit access to information, increase execution risk and make analysis difficult.

Sponsor Locker solves these problems with an integrated, customizable platform built to manage sports and entertainment sponsorships anywhere, anytime and from any device.

See what you can do

Drive value across your portfolio

Optimize results

Make faster, better decisions based on more complete and timely information. 
Gain integrated insight and analysis that spreadsheets, emails and separate tools just can't provide. Enhance collaboration by keeping your entire team on the same page. Use multi-factor analytics and What If Analysis to measure results, implement improvements and enhance portfolio mix and partnership decisions.

Save time and money

Benefit from workflows and data retrieval tools based on industry best practices.
Enter data once and use it for multiple applications and reports. Spend less time on repetitive tasks like updating spreadsheets and digging for information.  Spend more time on strategy and analytics that drive results.

Reduce execution risk

Enhance confidence and avoid embarrassment.
Track asset activation and event status, tasks, approvals and deadlines. Manage contract renewals and opt-outs. Set reminders. Confirm and manage fulfillments. Use advanced technology to streamline event planning, online ticket requests and guest management. 

Improve portfolio value

Enhance asset mix and activation to drive brand loyalty and engagement.
Apply multi-factor analytics to assess contracts, assets and events. Use event tools to deliver exceptional experiences to guests across single-day and multi-day events. Communicate with guests before, during and after the event. Follow up with surveys.

Manage as much or as little as you like.
Decide what features to use and share as you go.

Sponsor Locker is a robust sponsorship management and activation platform. But how much of it you use and when you share it is up to you. Use one application or many. Share select data with your sponsorship partners or internal team. Add users and features as you grow. Sponsor Locker's advanced technology and integrated database is ready when you want to do more.
Organize and Export Data in Tables

Organize, sort, filter and configure data tables and print or export

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